Our Mission

Spritz Perfume Bar is a company that brings the experience of perfume making to people in a fun and simplified way. We do this through two services: 1. Perfume making workshops (also known as "Perfume Parties") and 2. Pop-up Perfume Bars. Our goal is to create a fun and unique experience for people and provide general perfume making knowledge. Spritz Perfume Bar focuses on teaching how to make natural perfume.

Why Natural Perfume?

Our founder started off her career in the hazardous materials field, inspecting facilities like laboratories and water treatment plants for proper compliance of their toxic and dangerous chemicals. Her several years of experience in the hazmat field often made her aware and curious about the personal care and beauty products that she used that maybe also have dangerous chemicals. When she came across the clean beauty industry she was shocked to learn that perfume, a product she used every day, often had harmful chemicals but that perfume manufacturer's weren't required to disclose their proprietary ingredients. She learned that natural perfume is a cleaner, greener, and safer alternative to synthetic perfume.

Always inspired to do things herself, our founder started taking classes and making her own perfume. She loved how much fun it was and thought how cool it would be to bring this unique experience to others? She also wanted to introduce others to natural alternatives to the commercial perfumes that most people use. From there the idea of Spritz Perfume Bar was born!